Key Fundamentals of a Ridiculously Awesome Resume

Fundamental #1

“It is marketing document, not your autobiography. “

Your resume/CV works as a marketing document for you and not your autobiography. You do not require to put every single detail of your life on the document. Do not hammer out every single thing you have done once you are out of high school.

Fundamental #2

“It’s about them – not about you”

Our aim is to share a resume to get a opportunity to work for an organization of repute. Our resume should have the information that is relevant to our experience and the requirements of the Hiring Company. You need to show loud and clear how you can fulfill their needs.

Fundamental #3

“Your resume needs to be strategic but not blatantly inaccurate.”

You need to strategize your content of the resume. You cannot fabricate stuff on the resume.

Fundamental #4

“You can be professional without being stuffy.”

Don’t talk as a third person on your resume. Your contact details are given on the top of the resume with your name . So it becomes quite obvious that you are the author of the Resume or the Document.

Fundamental #5

“Make the words earn their spot.”

Say what you need to say but chose the right words to express your information.