About Us

With the emergence of globalization and knowledge economy, there has been a deep look out for competitiveness and quality in the services being provided by an organization. The Pandemic in 2020 has affected many individuals and organizations, which has led to organizational survival, growth and excellence. So hiring the right candidate at the right time with constant up-gradation of their knowledge, skills and re-orientation of their behavior and attitude is of major importance for any organization.

NKrafterz provides a range of temporary and permanent management solutions, setting standards for quality resume writing, recruitment and creative designing.

NKrafterz being established recently in 2020 promises to create excellent brand equity with a premium image amongst the community. In the era of fast pace Globalization with prevailing hard competition, providing management solutions like resume/CV writing services, recruitment/employment assistance and creative designing has become extremely difficult.

NKrafterz has a comprehensive knowledge of the current market place. With an unexhaustive approach and experienced professionals from various industries in the team, we believe to provide quality and understandable services to job-seekers from all the industries. We believe to create a remarkable presence in the country.