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With the emergence of globalization and knowledge economy, there has been a deep look out for competitiveness and quality in the services being provided by an organization. The Pandemic in 2020 has affected many individuals and organizations, which has led to organizational survival, growth and excellence. So hiring the right candidate at the right time with constant up-gradation of their knowledge, skills and re-orientation of their behavior and attitude is of major importance for any organization.

NKrafterz provides a range of temporary and permanent management solutions, setting standards for quality resume writing, recruitment and creative designing.

Why Nkrafterz ? 

NKrafterz provides resume writing services both nationally and internationally.
Multiple discussions with the clients help in creatively shaping specifications that factor transferable skill sets and competencies on the Resumes.

An expansive reach across industries and organizations through our online presence.
NKrafterz’s perfect process of screening, reviewing and discussing the required changes for the Resumes saves on clients’ precious time in working on different updates on the CV.

Performing on assignments within the delivery deadlines.

Clients are given a good understanding of the service being rendered before starting to work on it.

100% Privacy guaranteed. – No freelancer used. The entire team is in-house.

Resume service for both Text and Visual Resumes.

How our services work

    • Payment and Receipt of basic inputs.
    • Profile Analysis Report.
    • Discussion with the Resume Writer.
    • Telephonic Conversation.
    • Drafting process and other reports.
    • Delivery and further Iterations.

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough “


Our Services

Corporate Resume
Professional resume writing is crafting a captivating marketing document, and not just writing a factual history of your career. The Resume writers are generally experienced in hiring people, have explicit industry knowledge or have formal training in resume writing.
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SOP / LOR / Academic Resume
While applying to get Admission to Study Abroad, SOP (Statement of Purpose) and LOR (Letter of Recommendation) is must for the entry level candidates. Get a SOP-LOR with Academic Resume to distinguish you from others.
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Defence Personnel Resumes
A military veteran job seeker resume contains terminology and acronyms which are difficult to understand by people not in uniform hence requires expertise to translate it well. Defence Personnel Resumes hold the veteran detailed service history in a professional and corporate format for ex-servicemen applying for positions after their retirements. The use of hybrid resumes format, which is a combination of the reverse chronological and the functional resume format.
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Online Web Resume
Online Web Resume will be a website for your online portfolio which will be created to show your professional expertise. Make a perfect Online Web Resume in 2021 to showcase your career snapshot in a creative manner. An online resume or a resume website is a webpage with a public URL address that contains your resume. If you’re creating a resume website, make sure the address can easily be understood by humans, contains your name and is easily transcribed to an internet browser address bar.
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What client say about us

Vipul Mehta

With 2 decades of experience, I was trying to modify my resume in precise manner to convey my key skills. Thank you to NKrafterz for being so profound and diligent to listen and understand what I need and show-case my knowledge in minimal words with latest format. The professional approach by the team made sure to get answers of all why asked for the changed recommended by in the resume. I recommend NKrafterz for being consulted for getting profile seeded with precision and value for money to portrait into bigger horizons.

Munish Sehgal

NKrafterz has been extremely helpful. It’s a pleasure interacting with them. They quickly
understand your area of work and frame your resume in a professional way. The writing skills
are excellent. If you’re looking for the quality enhancement of your resume NKrafterz is the right
team to approach. I wish good luck to NKrafterz for their future.

Shivani Rajput

“Nkrafterz is a team of dedicated and talented professionals who bring total commitment to their
clients. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a resume that demonstrates their
strengths and accomplishments.” They worked well with me. They not only had great ideas but
listened to me and worked with me to get the best results.” Thank you NKrafterz for helping me
craft a great resume.”

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